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Replacement Salt Cells

Salt water chlorination is a process that uses dissolved salt as a store for the chlorination system. Replacement salt cells (also known as chlorine generator, salt generator or salt chlorinator) use electrolysis in the presence of dissolved salt. In order to produce the sanitising agents already commonly used in swimming pools. Therefore, a saltwater pool is not actually chlorine-free, it simply utilises a salt cell instead of the direct addition of chlorine.

Need a replacement salt cell? Just measure the cell length, check the brand on the box or have a look below and give us a call.

Aquaswim 120 cell
Aquachlor C260 Cell
Auto Chlor AC 25 Cell
Auto Chlor
Compu Chlor Replacement Cell
Compu Chlor
Crystal Clear Replacement Cell
Crystal Clear
Evolution Chlorinator Cell
Hurlcon Chlorinator Electrode Salt Cell
Astral / Hurlcon
Pentair Eco Chlor Cell
Pentair Eco
Poolrite Surechlor Replacement Cell
Zodiac Clearwater Chlorinator Replacement Cell

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We are a family business that we established in 1991. In 30 years we have serviced thousands of pools in Brisbane, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Our product knowledge is enhanced by the vast range of salt chlorinators that we repair, service and reject.

There are the brands we sell, such as Evolution, Pentair & AIS. Some chlorinator brands we are happy to do small repairs, but will not do major work on.

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