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Salt Chlorinators Redland

Need Sales, Spares &/or Repairs for your Redland Salt Chlorinator?

Salt Chlorinator Redland: No more red eyes and itchy skin, no more water going off. Make your swimming pool simpler to manage with a Salt Chlorinator Cell.

Easy to install and use, salt chlorinators provide complete treatment with reduced maintenance. The slightly salted pool water flows through the chlorinator electrodes, which turn the salt into natural chlorine.

The inconveniences of chemical chlorine are no longer an issue and water treatment is considerably simplified. The result is purified water that is gentle on the skin and eyes.

Benefits of Salt Chlorinators in Redland

Using a salt chlorination system can benefit both the pool and the pool user in many ways:

  • Water energy savings
  • Reduction of chloramines
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Handling of chlorine is avoided
  • Also salt water pools are cheaper to maintain throughout the year, since salt is significantly cheaper than the commercial chlorines.

Large Range of Salt Chlorinators

Your Redland Chlorinator Specialist has a range of saltwater chlorinator cells to suit new or existing filtration systems across Brisbane. Our models are available as Standard and Self-Cleaning (Auto SC) units and are suited to different pool sizes/volumes. Please see options below;

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We are a family business that we established in 1991. In 30 years we have serviced thousands of pools in Brisbane, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Our product knowledge is enhanced by the vast range of salt chlorinators that we repair, service and reject.

There are the brands we sell, such as Evolution, Pentair & AIS. Some chlorinator brands we are happy to do small repairs, but will not do major work on.

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