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Hydrochlor and Electrochlor chlorinators


Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator

Waterco’s new, energy efficient Hydrochlor chlorinates your pool, making it healthy, crystal clear, and ready to swim in year-round. In fact, a Mineral / salt water chlorinated pool requires considerably less attention than a standard chlorinated pool.


The main function of the Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator is to produce chlorine to sanitise the pool water. Pool water, which contains dissolved Mineral Crystals / pool salt passes over Hydrochlor’s chlorinator cell. This in turn splits the salt into its basic components, one being chlorine.

  1. Pool water containing Mineral Crystals / pool salt.
  2. Mineral Crystals / pool salt split into basic components, one of them chlorine gas.
  3.  Chlorine gas dissolves in pool water, residual level keeps the water sanitised and safe for the swimmer. Electrical current From pool To pool Cell plates 1 3 2 A Mineral / salt water chlorinated pool requires much less attention than a chlorinated poo

Energy Saving, Intelligent, Power Pack The Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator includes an energy saving, intelligent power pack that makes it easy to keep your pool sanitised and healthy to swim in. 

Energy Saving Hydrochlor uses the latest Switch Mode Power Technology to increase energy efficiency by over 50%, significantly reducing power consumption. Hydrochlor draws less current and this translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, without compromising chlorine output.

Intelligent Hydrochlor’s Power Pack intelligently recognises the size of the connected chlorinator cell and automatically adjusts its power output to suit.

Salt Level Protection An alarm indicates when salt levels in the pool water too high or too low. If the pool is running beyond the maximum recommended salt level, the chlorinator will limit its output to protect the chlorinator cell.

Easy-to-use Timer With Battery Backup Hydrochlor includes an in-built easy to use timer equipped with battery backup, which will maintain settings for up to 150 hours.

Weather-proof housing Easy-to-use timer with battery backup Chlorine production can be adjusted to reflect different seasonal requirements

 Pump protection, / no water flow LED indicator Easy-to-read LED indicators5 Self-cleaning Chlorinator Cell Hydrochlor’s new self-cleaning chlorinator cell features a serial parallel design that enhances chlorine production, whilst requiring less energy.

50mm connections for quick connection to pipe work.

 Hydraulically efficient and unobtrusive cradle design to minimise calcium build-up.

Large lock ring for easy access. Brass pin quick connectors Durable UV stabilised engineering plastic cell housing

Automated Self-Cleaning Hydrochlor’s self-cleaning chlorinator cell has the added ability to reverse its polarity and automatically clean calcium build-up off its electrodes.

No Flow Detection If no water flow is detected in the chlorinator cell, Hydrochlor automatically switches off the chlorine production to protect the chlorinator cell, and activates the No Flow LED indicator.




Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator


Simplifying Pool Ownership Waterco’s Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator makes your pool smarter by automatically taking care of sanitisation, filtration and auxiliary equipment so you don’t have to!

This one device will monitor and display everything you need to know about your pool in real time. Easy-to-read display screen : a snapshot of you pool’s temperature and everything you need to know about your pool’s current functions are clearly displayed in one place.

 Variable speed pump compatibility :

automatically changes the speed of your Waterco variable speed pump at the desired cycle if required.

Dual-pump control :

control another pump in conjunction with a variable speed pump simultaneously, which means you can operate your in-floor pool cleaning pump or pressure pool cleaner at the same time of your main pool pump.

 Actuator control :

connect a valve actuator to to divert water flow and activate the correct speed on a variable speed pump for your pool’s water feature or for in-floor pool cleaning.

Easily manage auxiliary equipment :

switch on and off lights, ozone generators and other auxiliary equipment using a secondary General Purpose Outlet (GPO) which can be activated independently or set in conjunction with other pool equipment.

No water flow detection :

Electrochlor is smart enough to detect if there is no flow to the pool and adjusts the speed of a variable speed pump to overcome low water flow. If adequate water flow is not restored, the pump will switch off to prevent potential damage to your pool equipment.

Low chlorine mode : low chlorine production can be easily activated via a pool cover or a pool controller by sending a signal to the chlorinator.

 Built-in alarm system :

Electrochlor takes the guesswork out of maintaining pool equipment by displaying alarm messages in the event of a malfunction.

Quick trouble shooting : a diagnostic menu helps service technicians quickly identify potential issues.





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